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    Room Name: RELAX.TMNF
    Room Id: 183538
    The link Club page: https://players.trackmania.com/club/11571
    Maps Style: LOL, Mini, Tech, up to 30 seconds
    Game modes: Time Attack 6 minutes
    Number of maps: 20

    Classic mini-lol maps from 2008-2012 translated from TMNF

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    Hello everyone. I’ve started porting our old tried-and-true TMNF server “Loveshack” from the UK over to TM2020. Since I’ve been converting and re-saving all of our maps, it has made me the author of them, but they were not created by me. They are property of The_Zipster and have been converted with her permission. I hope you guys give it a shot, there’s something for just about all players on our server. Thanks for checking it out.

    Room Name: Loveshack Classic
    Room Id: 37133
    The Club page Link: https://players.trackmania.com/club/37133
    Maps Style: Classic Stadium TMNF (Speed, LOL, and some minimal Tech)
    Game modes: Time Attack 6 minutes
    Number of maps: 90 but will eventually have around 700 once I get them all converted.

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    Room Name: I'm 12 btw
    Room ID: 165324
    Club page link: https://players.trackmania.com/club/17796
    Maps Style: 12 second short (unique) maps with mixed styles
    Game modes: Time Attack 5 minutes
    Number of maps: 25

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    Request to add room to Arcade

    Room Id: 202877
    The link of your Club page: https://players.trackmania.com/club/20456
    Maps Style: Many map styles are featured (dirt fs, tech, ice, speed tech, fs, magnet, plastic, nascar)
    Game modes: Time attack 7 minutes
    Number of maps: 14

    These are all my own built maps, which are fun to drive, easy to finish, but hard to master. All maps feature scenery

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