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    Hello i build some mostly classic stadium environment two-ways-maps, where im still not sure at some maps which way is the fastet
    the routes of both ways are similiar but i tried to keep the time gap for finish as close as possible.

    Room name: Left or Right?
    Room ID: 128377
    Maps Style: SpeedTech/no dirt, no ice/mostly 15-30secs and multiroute of course
    Game mode: Time Attack
    Number of maps: 25

    Club link : https://players.trackmania.com/club/26512

    GL finding out the fastest ways

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    Hi all

    四Freaks Clan presents

    Room name : 四HEAVENS Πinis
    Room ID : 112456
    Club : https://players.trackmania.com/club/22152
    Maps style : Minis tech / ~20-30sec
    Game mode : Time attack
    Numbers of map : 60
    Server : Dedicated server + EVOSC Controller

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    I would like to add my room!

    Room name: Red's Campaign 2021
    Room ID: #126938
    Club Link: https://players.trackmania.com/club/25933
    Map Styles: Dirt, Simple, Easy, Grass, Campaign, Mixed, Jumps
    Game modes: TA - 2 minutes, 15 seconds
    Track Count - 25

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    Hi Funcup,

    This is an English forums and thank you for writing your post in English.
    Regarding your question, we schedule rooms created by players who contact us and when they are not the creator of the maps, they should ask the track author if they can add it in to the room.

    And guys, thank you for your rooms details!

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    Thank you for your answer, I will try to contact the authors of the maps. Sorry to have written the post in French I will have to go through a translator from now on :rouler des yeux:

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    Room Name: Best Of RaNasCar
    Room Id: 134923
    Club Page: https://players.trackmania.com/club/25419
    Maps Style: Nascar
    Game modes: Laps
    Number of maps: 17

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    Originally Posted by SlapMySausage Go to original post
    Room name: PocketMaps
    Room ID: 25630
    Maps Style: Short Tech style maps, but very beginner friendly
    Game mode: Time Attack
    Number of maps: 13 maps (so far)!

    Club: https://players.trackmania.com/club/1001

    PocketMaps! The tracks have all so far been made by my friend TeekoBeans - the idea is they all have an author time below 30 seconds

    would love to be featured!
    The Pocketmaps Server now has 19 maps, soon to be 20!

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    Hi !

    Does the server shuffle maps at every start or it's always the same order ?

    If not, how can we shuffle the map pool ?
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    Pink Cup room

    Room Name : PINK CUP
    Room Id : 137446
    Maps Style : Short maps / Mostly cutble
    Game modes : Mixed
    Number of maps : 9

    would love to be featured!

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    Room Name HtimH maps
    Room Id 137823
    The link of your Club page https://players.trackmania.com/club/12730
    Maps Style: Mixed
    Game modes Time Attack
    Number of maps: 11