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    What are the white marks on the F-4U-1A and -D in-game?

    ...the ones placed right in front of the canopy glass, on the nose. What were they there for?

    They couldn't have been for carrier landings, could they? Like the dive angle indicators in the Ju-87 Stuka?

    I have a creepy feeling this is going to reveal my noobness
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    Those white markings are actually pieces of tape. The Corsairs oil tank was located in that area, and it had a tendency to leak. Therefore, mechanics would seal up the seams outside the tank with tape, to keep the windscreen from getting oil on it.
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    Hehe, I was thinking it was something highly technical...

    Simple solution, but definitely the LAST thing I would have thought about.

    Thanks for the answer.
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    It was the fuselage main fuel Tank. thats what the tape was for.
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    Medical tape, actually
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    You mean the sterile type?

    ...and what's Mickey Rourke's younger brother doing in your avatar?
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    The White Stripes Rule!!!!
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    i've been accused of looking like jack white
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    this don\'t make no sense!
    I'm going to wichita. Far from this opera forever more.
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    I see the connection as to why Baldie would post something here...

    'cause he sticks out like a striped dog...

    but that's what we love him for!

    So, what is it now?

    Leaky oil or fuel tank?
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