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    Wtf is this on microsoft store?

    Just got hyper scape. Went to play it and saffron error 20E pops up. Won't even let me type my email in or anything. Sick to death of lazy devs and lazy publishers taking all their obscene profits and doing nothing for their customers. If i went into a shop and bought something this broken at the core that shop would be out of business quickly. How are these spanners getting away with this ****e al the time?👨*🦼💨💨💨
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    Thanks for your post about this, BaggyDinosaur94, and welcome to the forums. Sorry to read you're having trouble getting the game running - I'll be happy to help, though!

    This isn't an error code I recognise from our lists. Would you be able to send me across a screenshot or picture of the error? This article from Microsoft shows how to take screenshots, but just pointing your phone at your screen and taking a picture would be fine too, so long as the error message is clear

    Please also have a look at our troubleshooting guide and our connectivity guide. In particular from those guides, please make sure you've fully updated your console, and power cycled it, as well as resetting your network hardware, using a wired network connection if possible, and consider contacting your ISP to have their assistance in setting up your router in line with our recommended connectivity settings.

    If the error persists after taking those steps, please let me know!
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