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    Banned after finishing a ranked

    I was sitting in the menu after finishing a ranked game. we hadn't queued or anything, didn't leave our game early. all of a sudden me and my friend Tshark.FE randomly got banned for 60mins for abandoning. I have 0 clue why. I'n sure you can understand my frustration when i get a day off and i go to play my favorite game, especially when i spend as much as i do on it. Can you either unban us or explain why we were banned, despite sitting in the menu not queued for a game
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    Hello BuhReeZ, what was the time, date and time zone when this happened, as I can check for any degradation on the server over the last few days?

    Did you leave any previous matches that day, or in a previous days play session?

    Sometimes an abandonment/disconnection penalty will be given later on, in a future play session when the player logs back in because of a delay with the server when the player originally disconnected or left a match, so the penalty can be given later on instead of when it happened originally.

    Please note we are unable to remove temporary sanctions for any player, we do not have this ability.
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