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    FC5 Photo Mode Contest: Halloween

    It is that time of the year again- Halloween is just around the corner, and we have a new Photo Mode Contest to get you in the spirit! From October 22nd to 29th, you can send us your spookiest photos to help us uncover Far Cry 5’s hidden horrors. We’re widening the scope this time: you can also send us screenshots taken in Far Cry Arcade.

    How to participate
    • Qualified photos must be taken either in Hope County (the main campaign) or in Far Cry Arcade (solo & co-op maps).
    • Entry photos must be taken in Far Cry 5’s Photo Mode. Entry photos cannot be altered using 3rd-party tools including, but not limited to, photo editing software.
    • The photos must be Halloween-themed: monsters, ghosts, zombies, trick-or-treating – you know the drill!
    • You must post your entry either using the hashtag #FC5Halloween (on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram) or as a comment underneath the contest announcement post.
    • All entries must comply with Ubisoft terms and conditions – the full list of which can be found here.
    • Only one screenshot is allowed per entrant, so choose wisely.

    The winners will be chosen by the Far Cry Community Team. Photos will be judged based on originality, style and relevance to the theme of the competition. All winning entries will be rewarded with:
    • 500 silver bars
    • 1 Digital T-shirt for your in-game avatar
    • 1 Far Cry 5 poster

    You can find the official rules, including information on eligible countries, here.

    Happy shooting!
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    Halloween Night (Assault) & Halloween Night DM (Deathmatch) / XB1

    Halloween Night (Assault) & Halloween Night DM (Deathmatch) / XB1

    Yesterday I uploaded two new Halloween-themed maps, an assault map named "Halloween Night", and a Deathmatch version of the map named "Halloween Night DM". These are on Xbox One, and my user name on Live is N4da R31gn. I appreciate you checking them out, and providing any feedback!

    The map is a small, creepy town, on a foggy night, with all of the houses ridiculously decorated for Halloween. In the assault version, I tried to pick a random assortment of enemies so it kind of felt like they were all wearing different Halloween costumes. You can probably get the same effect in the DM version if you are a fan of the ridiculous masks that Ubisoft has provided for multiplayer. The weapon loadouts in both versions are supposed to reflect different costume themes as well (soldier, cowboy, ninja, and spaceman in the assault version, and soldier, cowboy, ninja, and SWAT in the DM version).

    I thought these maps might be helpful for this photo mode contest!
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    What about this year contest?
    There is any plan about it?
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