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    Far Cry 5 Live Event: Well Done

    Light up the local wildlife in this week’s Well Done Far Cry 5 live event! Get creative and take down animals without molotovs or flamethrowers to earn the exclusive Flamebearer flamethrower skin and community outfit.

    Personal Reward:
    • 5 kills: 50 silver bars, 100 XP
    • 10 kills: "Flamebearer" flamethrower, 100 XP

    See the full event details and track community progress towards the community outfit here: http://farcrygame.com/liveevents
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    Oh great, we get to replay all the old live events again and collect some useless silver bars. How about fixing the main game, where I can choose to re-set the outposts, have access to game + and giving us the option to play or not to play the stupid main story and resistance points.

    Main menu game set-up:

    Box-Marked=No main story
    Box-Marked=No resistance points
    Reset Outpost=Anytime we want to, as long as we have taken them all out previously.
    Repopulate game world (Game +)=Anytime we want to, with no game story completion requirements needed.

    Those are the main things I want fixed. Everything else and for the most part, I couldn't care less about. Get it done!
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    Guy above me, you have got to be the most needy person. Those are all absolutely unreasonable things. If you hate the game so much, stop playing it, or at least stop polluting its forums with your whiny garbage. This isn't even an appropriate place for requests. Also it is good that they're putting up old events because people like me who love the game but didn't get it at launch missed this event.

    That aside, I'm having some trouble. This event is being advertised on the main menu and pause menu but when I go to check its progress it says event season is over and to wait until August 7th. Wondering if anyone knew if there is a fix for it I can do on my end. I'm on Xbox One.
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    For you maybe Jesse4me, but not for me. Now you can take your opinions and shove them where the sun don't shine. Now let me add you to my ignore list. So long and good riddance!
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