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    Very annoying bugs/glitches that could be fixed easily

    Far Cry Primal is a fantastic game, but playing a lot reveals some quite annoying glitches that could be fixed easily by applying a patch
    - Player blocked while feeding animals. When doing nothing, company animals could be fed easily by dropping a piece of meat and let them to eat. However, when in action, the animal feeding takes forever - the character has to wait several seconds. Very stupid braking to make the game more interesting?
    - Animal pet and feeding should be stoppable. It's just stupid to accidentally pet the beast while 10 enemies are attacking.
    - Can't search enemies even if I'm standing on them. There is something wrong with the area around enemies. Very specific angles are available to search the dead bodies. Sometimes I have to circle around them while holding the action key to complete the search.
    - So holding the interact key to search bodies often results in "ride", if the beast tiger approaches too much - yet another long, unnecessary animation. It's ok for one or two times, but unwillingly riding the beast all the time is very annoying.
    - The character won't climb even if the action key is displayed (E in my case) - the character is just endlessly jumping in place. At some places a very thin angle makes the character climb up. The catchment area of the climbing place should be enlarged a little bit...
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    Hi szfjozsef,

    Thank you for reporting these issues to us.

    As active development has ended for this game, it's unfortunately unlikely these issues would be addressed.

    Regardless we can certainly pass your feedback around this on to the team.
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