I know that this probably wont get any attention, but I just want to try. After playing a lot of anno 1503 hours I noticed there are some very annoying but easily fixable things that also would work for any other anno in the series, altho I think the newer ones already have them:
- Hotkey to unload all ship cargo
- Hotkey to load a full stack of construction materials (in 1503's case: 50 tools, 50 wood, 50 bricks). It could be tuned for less like 20t, since its easy to press a hotkey 3 times.
- Hotkey to attack move: this is specially needed in 1503

Honestly, I cant stop thinking about my dear anno 2070 that made farm fields very annoying to build... Since each farm field is a single building... I wish it was like older anno's... One can dream.