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    uPlay points are not updated

    I own Anno7 directly from the Uplay store and play without mods.

    Yesterday I unlocked a few achivements, among others "Great Exhibitionist", which was not checked off under my achivements before and is now marked as "Unlocked: February 10, 2021". For this I should get 20 uPlay Units (?), but my score is the same as it has been for days.

    When I quit Anno7 last night, I got an error message that the save couldn't be transferred to the cloud. I could only click ignore and shut down the PC. Today everything went fine again, the saves are there and are saved (again) to the Cloud.

    I have restarted the PC a few times, but the desktop client and the uPlay website still show the old score.

    What went wrong? Why did I not get any points?
    Is there a chronicle where you can see the status of the points?

    Many thanks
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    Hey CrysKey,

    since Uplay was updated to Ubisoft Connect last year, you're not earning Units anymore through challenges but through leveling-up.
    This is not specific to Anno but is the case for all Ubisoft titles.

    You can find more information here:
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    Ah, ok, thanks.
    But I didn't even find it in the fine print.
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