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    Season 3, trouble trying buy Ubisoft connect

    I tried click buy but it's bring nothing at all, no order, or anything, did anyone had issue with UBisoft Connect with season 3? USA Ubisoft that is.
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    The shop has always been really bad implemented (most of the time not working) inside Ubisoft Connect. Same for Uplay in the past.
    I bought S3 on the website itself. Fun fact ... somtimes the website does not work and the implementation inside the launcher does... #Ubisoftthings
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    Thank to share, but I did buy Season 3 on normal store website, and got it but however I don't see word "Owned" Season 3 in Ubisoft Connect.
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    I can buy it from Ubisoft Connect, but I also don't see the word "Owned" for Season 3 in Ubisoft Connect.
    Glad to know I am not the only one with the problem here....
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    Had the same problem when I bought it but after logging out and back in and waiting for a half hour it showed up.
    It probably needs a sync between systems.
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    We're aware of it not being properly displayed as "owned" in Connect - sorry for the confusion. However, you should be able to build the 3 new ornaments already.
    This will tell you that it has been activated successfully.
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    Same thing for me. So I purchased season 2 of anno 1800 dlc, paid for it, got a confirmation email. Go into game and it is still wanting me to put in an activation code or buy it (which as I stated, I already did.) So what gives? I can't even use a digital product that I paid for? Then I go to the help page and it says that units may have a 10 day delay? Completely unacceptable for a digital product. Steam is such a better service.
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    Question, should Season 3 display in the "additional content" on the home page of the game ?
    It has Season 1-2 and the little odds and ends, but nothing on S3

    Also, on my Website account, it shows the Order, but on the UBI-connect, it shows nothing ....

    Also, another Question, I have the complete ED , did i have to pay for Season 3 ?

    Another issue, i have ordered, but if i login with the game and select ubisoft+ and go to store, Season 3 is showing as not owned, and wanting me to buy again

    what is the issue ?
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    Just check your game and see your bouns good in the game, if there, it's work even thought it's didn't show owned at this point untill they fix or something. Check with support ubisoft, I checked my and noticed I had 3 bouns from season 3 (they are not out yet, but should gave you 3 ornaments item in the game for own season 3 so that way, you know it's linked to your account ubisoft connect.
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