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    Iím making my way through the island, knocked off Refinery Abyss improving a 191 to a 73, improved a 134 on Melancholy Temple to 57, took down a 254 on Daredevil Paradise by jumping to 59, improved a 264 to an 83 on Fault Village and jumped from 137 to 42 on Alpha Street.

    I love that island, the tracks have always been on the tougher side for me, but I was fortunately able to make my way through all but one of them over the last few days. I saved my most difficult island track for last, Rotten Railway. I need to improve a 192, but I feel this may be a longer grind to best this track... That flipping jump off the launching ramp that takes you completely over the entire 2nd checkpoint section is stupid hard for me.

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    Anyone know if the Bonxy site is down for good or just for some sort of maintenance? I love that site and use it all the time on my quest for top 100 track finishes. Itís been down for a few days already and Iím just hoping it comes back online soon.
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    Holy Smokes! I finally bested The Quagmire after a 4/5 day grindÖ. That was the hardest track for me to push into the top 100 on in the game to this pointÖ I started the grind ranked at 177 and just couldnít get any traction to move any higher with the Berserker. I switched over to the BMW after about a day or so of grinding. Switching over to the BMW gave me just as much trouble starting out, but I decided to stick with that bike going forward.

    I finally pushed my way up to 158. Building up and maintaining enough momentum from checkpoint 1 to 2 for the flip to the 3rd is wicked hard for me, no matter the bike. The jump over the wooden platform to 4 and the dropped fall from there trips me up a fair amount of time as well. The hardest and most frustrating spot on this track for me is the climb up the wooden track after the last checkpoint. The Berserker would likely been a better bike for that climb, but the BMW was better for me for the rest of the trackÖ.

    I just couldnít get the traction to consistently climb that track to then jump over the gap at the top to cross the finish line with the BMW. I knew it was possible since I saw several ghosts do it, so I kept grinding away.

    This track was starting to feel impossible to crack the top 100 onÖ. I climbed my way to 118 yesterday morning and just couldnít climb any higher after playing it until my iPad died. I tried again this morning for an hour and a half or so and was able to climb up to 112. After about 10 more minutes from reaching 112, I finally banked a solid climb up that wooden track to finish with a 49 rank. Iím so glad that track behind me now. I celebrated by jumping up and down with my son when I finished that run. =)

    I still have the Widowmaker to crack, but Iím moving away from that one for now. Iím worried itís gonna be another difficult grind. I plan to tackle one of the other 14 tracks I have left to go on my top 100 journey. I have three bunker tracks left in my 15 remaking tracks, so itíll be difficult to check them off. I donít get them very often in the bunker and have never gotten them with the bike(s) I need to crack the top 100 with.

    Onto the next one.

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    I decided to just jump over to Widowmaker after besting The Quagmire. Itís a difficult track and one Iíve struggled with more times than not. I needed to improve a 179 rank and couldnít make any improvements by racing my own ghost which is what I do most often. I also jumped over to race PapaFreyís ghost which I do a lot as well. I just couldnít make any improvements to my rank, but I was at least getting through sections more smoothly. I read a post by Rereraser in another thread about him achieving a 90 rank, so I jumped over to his ghost and was able to put together a very solid run that catapulted me all the way to 19. I have no idea what the difference was by racing that ghost, but holy cow was that a big movement up the leaderboard. Thank you Rereraser!

    Onto the next one!

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    I took down my last three non-bunker tracks last night. I needed to improve a 136 on Pipe Basin. While I didnít get the cleanest race I was at least able to push my way up the leaderboards a few times finishing at 72.

    I needed to improve a 138 on Lollygagging and was able to make pretty quick work on that track finishing at 38.

    The last track that I had to wrestle with was Toxic Garden. This one was harder than the other two for me as I struggled at a few different spots on this track, but needed to improve a 137. I made my way up to 86 or so but with a horrible finish to the track. I kept grinding for a better ending to the race and was able to put together a very clean run that pushed me up to 21.

    I still need to improve three bunker tracks before I can claim 100% top 100 finishes.

    Anyone know any tips to increase my chances at getting Bunny Hop, Sine City or Rigged Roadway with decent bikes? I rarely get them in the bunker and havenít ever gotten them with the bike(s) I see others finish with strong times on the tracksÖ. Iíve started opening races in the bunker and have been passing on attempts just to cycle through as many opportunities to get those tracksÖ

    Iím going back through to improve my ranks in the high 90ís now, I have a handful of 99ís that I want to improve at least.

    I had a blast with this game and will still squeeze out a little more enjoyment while I can.

    All the best!

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