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    Matchmaking leave abuse

    There is currently a bug in matchmaking where if a player leaves, only the top 2 of the other team will be counted, and this can be abused.

    In my game at about 12:25 Paris time this was abused by a certain player. I'll try to explain it as detailed as possible.

    It was Blue 4 - 3 Red in rounds and we start the 8th round.

    We all finish in this order:


    Blue gets 10 points, Red gets 11 points.

    However, a player from blue leaves the match. This triggers; only the top 2 from each team count.

    Blue 9 - 9 Red. Blue finished first, blue wins the round.

    Instead of 4-4, Blue wins the match 5-3.

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    Hey TarporTM, thanks for reaching out and bringing this to our attention.

    The description you've provided is very detailed so I appreciate you putting in effort to this.

    Was that the first time you've encountered something like this or did you run into players who have been intentionally doing this before too? Also, I understand that if the opposing team player does leave, it will have to be the one who finished last, is that right?

    Let us know!

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    I've not encountered this more often. It was just this 1 player that did it this 1 time.

    Surprisingly, it was the blue player in first that left.