Imagine a game like Might and Magic, one of the best strategy games i ever played to be immersed into the battle. i've played games with 5 thousand AI fighting next to me in FPS mode without burning my cpu. instead of seeing a number on your elven archer or skeleton warrior, you see all of them. You get to plan how they will fight, if some of your army will stay and others will go on the offensive first because maybe they are slower and and the faster would be demolished, or simply the archer in the back needs protection. Imagine you have control of this in the beginning of the the battle, way more strategic from the very start. In the games your hero is standing on the side line but the modern computer can handle much more than that, you can stand fighting next to your soldiers. switching between seeing above and going into fps to make a difference with your bow, arrow or wand. You can dominate the battlefield, controlling every aspect and it would be a hybrid of both possible genres existing. A lot of old school players would be lost, me myself have played the games since i was 5 years old. And from the feedback i've had for just talking about my vision to both people who are fans of might and magic and people who has never heard of it tells my this is "a million dollar idea". I have a lot of ideas about what this could become and how it would be done, i haven't even scratched the surface.I can almost guarantee a game like this would lose a lot of players from the old days, but the legacy always remains. The current concept is slipping, this could easily be the huge comebackme.

I've played mods on other games making it possible for thousands and thousands of AI to stand and fight while being in FPS trying to much my PC to the end but nothing has yet. most armys has about 500-1000 soldiers? you could easily make that happen, and for people with older computer the could be a sort of compromise where there for example are 2 rounds with exactly half of both armies or just a simple reinforcement. You wouldn't just compell people from 2 genres of gaming, the name is already finished you can pull in so much more with the right advertisment.

Welcome to the future, welcome home