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    Immortals Fenyx Rising - 60 fps mode
    Assassin's Creed Valhalla - 60 fps mode
    Tom Clancy's The Division 2- 60 fps
    Ghost Recon Breakpoint - 60 fps mode
    Watch Dogs Legion - 30 fps

    What's the deal?
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    Please add a 60fps performance mode for Xbox Series X and S. I do understand it may reduce resolution etc...
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    Yes agree we need a 60 fps performance mode on Xbox Series X and S and PS5! I understand that this may lower some settings such as resolution.
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    Please give ps5 60 FPS

    Please give ps5 60 FPS
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    Disappointed that I could not sign up for Technical Test. Also disappointed by lack of instructions from Ubisoft on how to register for it. Test only lasted 1 day which is not enough time to test.

    The Technical Test is now Closed according to their Twitter
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    60 fps mode makes the game more enjoyable to play. Controls are more responsive and game play is smoother.
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    Why does my Series X show
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