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    I was in in my 17th mission from Lorient. I dont use patches, just ordinary SH3.

    I set my sails on task greed 800km from base, and i wasted my time. Nothing at all. I finished my task ( just to get extra points) and I have decided to attack Liverpool, or just to sneak a peak into port. I was coming from south west, sky is clear, surfaced only by night, change sailors and stuff, and I got lucky to find C2 and C3 in the way. Radar is off, just sonar and WO. I had easy job on C3 and C2, very slow, enough time to estimate everything, just few planes around me but I was submerged all the time.2 torpedos. 2 big ships close range, peace of cake. Then I got Deeper towards Liverpool I heard ships. But I didnt dare to shoot if i heard 2 or 3. But I have found One Destroyer J class heading to Bristol. He was near to me didnt saw me but i heard him and saw him pretty well. Standard routine. Double check. Torpedo on 2m, fast, 1 Chance. I tore him Appart.
    Well, J class is not big deal. After few hours saving battery and get O2 only by night finally i set straight line to Liverpool. Well i will se what is going on no metter of those warships on me.
    Last Time I was taking O2 when i got message of large convoy, 7 kts directly on me by the grid ( I m not telling the grid because its not interesting , but about 300km Western of Liverpool. They might go there or go southern.Fuel Fuel Sonny. I decided they are heading towards Liverpool. Sky was clear, light wind, good.Sonar showed contact I headed in that way. Oh Yes. I saw them T3 C2 C2 C3 C3 and 4 americans C3 and T2 behind and only one V&W with 4-5 coastal ships.I decided to attack destroyer 1st.
    They didnt think about me , didnt saw me I had time to pick the place ahead of them and everything.
    Torpedo on 2m directly hit from 532m, he saw my scope but too late too late. 1st Blood was destroyer.
    On the range of 1200m others had no time, i got them easily the Big ones,

    7 planes were after me when i sunk second C3 constatly , and Americans Shooting ok, becareful.!!!
    It was fun when I saw Trucks goes to sea in the flame (LOL)
    After a while I saw 2 Destroyers Heading my way on 7000m. I surfaced and got confirmation from WO. I saw small merchant about 100 m left side. No gun ammo.
    I used heavy flack panzer ammo and cut peace out pece from it. It was funny , but no time cause i got in range of destroyers Guns. But it was funny, maybe others did like that??????Panzer shells , very accurate.

    I set course to west, and dive! dive!

    Oh My god , Whole western fleet and Air Bombers were after me. I heard 2-3 warships almost 500km. LoL.
    They aint find a thing of a me, I m running wild I m running free
    More then 30000tonns, multiple renew points , lol

    1When I was in the middle of Convoy and constantly planes above , they were determent to destroy me but i was always near to merchant ship so i was avoiding bombers. Ha??

    2. Dont shoot on Americans untill they become enemy, You will lost points. Yeah I know I wished to sink heavy butts. And they shoot better then British.

    3. Any opinion of Flack Gun panzer heavy shells for small ships ?

    Comments, Please.......Post

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    What time period is this?
    The game does not take into account neutral merchants escorting under british were actually considered fair game at one point then on. However there is a way you can make a manual edit to zero out any negative renown for neutrals. The edit will affect all neutral shipping so it would be your call not to abuse this.
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    I started Mission on:

    Patrol 17 U-65 June 2, 1941 20:35

    BF13- J class Destroyer
    AM68- Large convoy -, June 12 04:39(last Enemy ship destroyed)

    Tx Man. I use regular SH3 no patches no nothing you guys are talking here. I didnt know that i could turned off that stuff for Americans. But its ok Im already deep in the war with everybody (lol). Just trying to keep more realistic as i can. Tx anyway

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