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    Will there be further patches for Settlers History Edition? (Particularly re Desync)

    I have been a (very) long time fan of the settllers games. One of my earliest experiences is playing Settlers 1 on the Amiga 1200 with my brother - it holds a very special place for me.

    I was a tremendous fan of Settlers 3 and particularly Settlers 4.

    When the History Edition came out I dared to hope that there would finally be a fix for the desync problem. There have been various posts indicating that the problem is being worked on and in the technical thread people have been posting their logs.

    However, it has been almost 6 months since the last patch. I have not seen any recent update about the problem.

    I am quite happy to buy multiple copies of the game - I just want to know with confidence that the desync problem in Settlers 4 is fixed.

    Do Ubi really plan to fix the problem? Are they even trying or have they given up?
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    Given that there's not a single reply here. I reckon that they've stopped paying attention to the history editions.
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    They said they have been "investigation" this since 2018, so i would say they want your money and intend to spend 0 hours on fixing this issue. they re-released these games just to make money with 0 effort.
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