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    [04/02/2021] Matchmaking and more

    Hey everyone,

    Yesterday was the release of the awaited Trackmania Matchmaking, we hope that you enjoyed and still enjoy playing it right now.
    We are really happy to see so much positive energy and feedback from the players about this feature! If you want to know more about the format, ranks, and other stuff concerning the Matchmaking, read the article here : https://www.trackmania.com/2021/02/0...t-it-for-free/

    Here is the changelog for yesterday's update:

    + Clash Time feature will now be available starting next TMGL Step
    + Fixed race time diff when playing on laps maps
    + Fixed mode crash linked to a performance problem in Knockout
    + Fixed the issue where randomly a player would respawn at the start instead of spawning at the correct CP
    + You are now able to join a friend through Ubisoft Connect
    + Other minor netcode fixes

    Matchmaking known issues:

    - You sometimes see the "Join" pop-up after leaving a match
    - Sometimes your server might crash without being able to research a new match, you will just have to wait a bit so the server close down
    - If a player leaves before the end of the match, players are not able to see him in the final score table
    - Progression's bar is sometimes not updating correctly
    - Clicking on your nickname in the menu doesn't send you to your profile
    - Missing some button focus
    - Clicking two times on the "Join" button sometimes creates a not intended behavior
    - Chat is colliding with the progression bar
    - In some language, "Match is starting in ..." is misplaced

    Frequently asked questions:

    - "Will we be able to invite and play with our friends?"

    Yes, this is one of the next steps for Matchmaking.

    - "Will there be other maps than the official campaign?"

    Not planned, for now, we believe that having a universal map pool such as the official campaign is the right choice for the BETA. Though, we will work on adapting the map pool depending on the ranking of each player such as:

    Unranked/Beginner -> From map 1 to 10
    Challenger -> From map 6 to 20
    Master/Trackmaster -> From map 11 to 25

    Feel free to report or ask your questions in this forum!
    Thanks and see you on track!
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    Today's changelog:

    + Added a sound when your match is ready
    + Increased the finish timeout at the end of each round
    + Fixed multiple focus and navigation issue in the matchmaking menu
    + Fixed the progress bar issue where it would display "1000/1000" for example
    + Fixed the time difference in live ranking. They now show the milliseconds correctly
    + Added the possibility to click on the match id in order to set it in your clipboard
    + Fixed colors of the time gap UI
    + Fixed an issue where you would rejoin your match after leaving it
    + Fixed an issue with the length of the text "match starts in..."
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    soooo, your plans is to let matchmaking be nadeo maps, like, forever? You gotta be kidding me. it's like, people aren't gonna wanna play your RPG maps forever, nadeo. srsly.
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    what im saying is, here you have a real shot at revitalizing the game for everybody, the MM feature is potentially a game saver, and mania exchange maps are, no offense, a million times better than nadeo maps. let the community make map pools, plss nadeo pls pls pls. Like in TMGL.
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    How long will beta last?

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    This is really a shame not to have other than nadeo maps. Nadeo players is a niche inside the game, people will get tired of it too quick. Moreover, you have an insane mappool on TMX + TOTD maps.... You could even have a special matchmaking mappack changing every year month or week i don't know but the campaign maps are really not fitting the rounds mode. For now the MM is really cool to play, it's an amazing update but i think it's going to get a bit boring in the long term (except if you're a nadeo grinder)
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    This server is running constantly, we cant find other matches , the match never end even after restarting uplay and trackmania

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    I'll also put my feedback here, related to the map pack:
    [...] My main issue though is reducing so much the map pool doesn't seem that fun. I don't want to have only 9-14 maps from the campaign at all time. Maybe put them all but w/ a coeff depending on rank?
    To make the idea clear: All maps can be selected in any rank MM but the ones you set as map pack in your tweet would be the maps w/ the highest coeff / weight to be selected from the map pack. Eg: U/B : Map 1-10 have a coeff of 5. Maps 11-20 have a coeff of 1. 21-25 coeff of 0.5.
    I played a few hours and got to experiment this evening the 1-10 lock. I don't like it at all. The diversity is too small. I want my 22 in here instead of probably never being able to see it.

    Otherwise, congrats for finally launching matchmaking in TrackMania, supported officially that is (since there were others efforts done in the community on that matter but it never took up due to not being implemented in-game directly). It's very satisfying both as a player and watching matches on streams.
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