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    I just want to add... I went through all my Ubisoft games on Stadia, all of them had the same issue. Valhalla, Breakpoint, Far Cry 5, Crew 2, Rainbow 6, Division 2. They used to all work (though Breakpoint was always buggy).

    Thought it might be a clue.
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    ubi-smash's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Thank you for sharing this information and providing your voice here, BikeATX. I have shared this with our team's investigation moving forward. If there is any additional information such as video clips or screenshots of this behavior on Stadia and Ubisoft title, please send them our way here. We thank you for you bearing with us as our team continues to look into this.
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    ubi-smash here's my problem https://stadia.google.com/capture/fd...5-cfb6f3811579

    That video shows that Ubisoft Connect/Ubisoft Club (same thing, different name) doesn't open!

    Please do something, even on sub-reddit of /stadia there's multiple reports. Ubisoft Connect doesn't open or cause major performance issues to the point where makes the games unplayable. How can Ubisoft don't fix it or reproduce it while majority of people have issues with your overlay on almost all of your games, even after many videos showed to you? It's really embarrassing for Ubisoft.
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    Hi ubi-smash,

    Here is the behavior I'm experiencing on every single Ubisoft game I own on Stadia currently:

    Thank you for looking into this.
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    Same problem, in every Ubisoft Game

    This is with Fenix Immortal Rising: https://stadia.google.com/capture/00...3-3e07fde089b1
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    Any update on this issue? It's been over a week. This disconnection from Connect seems to have impacted gameplay in my Crew 2 game.
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    Five months and counting. Come on, Ubisoft. There's more or less zero variability between the experience of Stadia users, we're all logging in to the same machines. Either ask us for more diagnostic info or give us an update or something, there's nothing more screenshots and videos of the same three-panel error message is going to tell you. Just tried in The Crew 2 today; same results. I have Ubisoft+, but The Crew 2 is a game I purchased on Stadia before signing up for Plus, so it isn't only that, if that's involved. At least tell us that you see the issue. Surely your support team has Stadia accounts they can log in to and confirm the problem.
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    Hi, I opened this issue many months ago. I contacted to Stadia support and then to Ubisoft support team on twitter, after that on forum pages in Spanish and then in English.

    The issue is also happening in all my new Ubisoft games on Stadia (Immortals Fenyx Rising, RE6...). I obtain the rewards correctly and I can see all the information on the Ubisoft Connect mobile app, and on my Ubisoft games on my PlayStation 4. But I cannot access to this information (Ubisoft Connect Section) on any Ubisoft game on Stadia. When I disconnected my Stadia account from my Ubisoft account (in Ubisoft account settings), if I start again the Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint game on Stadia and type my Ubisoft username and password again, sometimes I can access to the Ubisoft Connect section and see my information but only for the first time. If after that, I close the game and access again, the issue come back.

    Please, we need a fix. Thanks.
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    Hi ubi-smash,
    Can we have an update? A head nod? Anything?

    Are we not paying customers like all other platforms, services?
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    Hey we want a fix!
    Say something Ubisoft

    It's been months!
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