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    Payment said failed, money still got charged, no game received

    Hey there,

    Case number: 14020087

    since i get no response from the support, i am trying it over here.

    I tried to buy Rainbow Six Siege yesterday, the payment 'failed' (no clue why). I checked my credit card right after, and my credit was charged. (for the pre-check of my CC and for the game itself).

    So how can it be that my payment 'fails' while you guys charging my credit card?

    If i check my order history it says, never ordered...

    Can you asap fix this please? Either refund my money, or give me the game.
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    Halpalicious76: Welcome to the forums! I am sorry that our greeting is under these difficulties you have been encountering with your purchase of Rainbow Six Siege. If the order fails to process, an authorization hold may show on your bank statement. Funds associated with authorization holds will be released after 48 hours. Depending on your financial institution, it may take 7 - 10 business days for the authorization hold to be removed from your statement. if you have not received any updates on your order of the return of your funds for this purchase, please don't hesitate to update your support ticket with our Store Support so we can review this further. Please note our team is working diligently to contact everyone as soon as possible while dealing with larger than normal contact volume. Thank you for bearing with us during these busier times.
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