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    That Rata shot over kharkov in Ukraine is amazing. I recognized the Liberty/constitution square. Few years ago someone on the forum had German WW2 fotgraphs taken in a FW189 that showed exactly that square.
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    Does the forum restrict the size of images now? Kind of takes away from the high rez images doesn't it?
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    well its got to be done,

    Of course, it will be nice when i get a new GFX card, so i can play it, GTX280 just don't cut it
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    some more, finally got aa settings to stick, grrrr,

    fancy a game of golf old boy,

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    sure, when i work out how to watch a track back!

    there good fun though, thats for sure.
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    Thanks fruitbat - a savior for people like me, who can't run this game yet, with older PC's.

    I'm actually thinking that Canon's channel map looks better in some ways, than the COD map.
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    Great shots gents.

    Maybe we should move this thread in COD forum, so people that are frustrated with the game will give it a better chance.

    few shots.

    Look at this thing burn

    Check the cool oil leak

    too much beer

    that one was a beaufighter

    Spitfire spitting fire.... and sparks.

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    I'm liking some of the latest COD shots! Is there a way of turning off the text so that we may see the game in all its' glory?
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