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    Why have the settler games been changed so much?


    I have been wondering why under the direction of ubisoft the Settlers games have been completely turned inside out?

    As a child The settlers 2 was one of my first games and i loved it. It had its flaws but the building aspect of it was rly fun.

    After that i played both the settlers 3 and 4 which were both in there core quite loyal to the original concept but tried to give the player a bit more freedom.

    But after settlers 4 iv not rly liked any of the settler games at all. The gameplay got completely changed. It changed from mostly resource management and supply chains to some sort of age of empires / city building game.

    Why has there been no effort into trying to make a game that is actually like the earlier games but innovate slightly to fix some of the gameplay flaws.

    All the new settler games are in 3D, but that takes away all the charm of the earlier animated 2D worlds.
    Expanding with towers and having territory was one of the gameplay elements that was most fun.
    Having these huge armies that were clashing and seeing them die into those lil puffs of smoke was rly fun.
    Simple layouts of the map without to much obstructions were great.
    Having no control of your workers, but having them as a sort of resource was kinda fun.

    The major flaws were mostly to do with the AI being absolutely horrible and games always ended in them getting stuck at some point because they just seemed to spam buildings randomly. Iv seen games where the AI failed at getting the basic building materials.
    In settlers 2 the combat was boring. The big armies from settlers 3/4 were better, but still could use some improvement by adding maybe stances or a few extra unit types that have a little more impact.
    But the big scale of the armies kind of had its charm. There is enough of these micromanagement games like Age of empires or starcraft and its not a relaxing way to play. Combat should be simple cuz the main part of the game is building up economy and who does that best wins due to better economy translating into more army.

    Games like factorio are popular and they are relatively simple and look very appealing in 2D

    A game like the settlers 3/4 with some changes here and there so the game could get a bigger scope would be so much more fun then all these settlers games that look like they have an identity crisis.
    And it does not have to be a crazy expensive game with top notch grafix to appeal to the entire world. Some people like me just want there games from there childhood to be perfected rather then reinvented as something new.

    I just makes me sad. I would love to play a settlers 3/4 game with my girlfriend in coop and play against difficult AI's on a huge map and have these giant army clashes that end up in a field of 2d skeletons and puffs of smoke.

    But i cant because the old games have been abandoned in a half broken state and the new games play nothing like the old ones...
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    As far I know the new Settlers will go back to the roots of the first Settlers games. That s why I would be very exited about the game.
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    I don't think this game will be released any time soon maybe 2022 -2025. I would make sense because of the refunds.
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    Why hasn't the concept of harmony ever been incorporated?

    In the history of all the Settler games, war has always been the inevitable theme. Why not consider a 3rd scope to the game of team unity without war? Like merging nations learning to rely on one another, international commerce and cooperation, Building up a nation of peace and prosperity. An if you want to make it competitive, then have separate teams race to an achievement mark Allow the classic game NPC enemies to hamper progress however they may, but without a union of teamwork and trust, then let chaos reign, like in the REAL world.
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