View Poll Results: Who's going to win the Web Ellis Trophy this time?

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  • The All Blacks obviously, you cretin.

    13 39.39%
  • The Wallabies, ya larrikin!

    5 15.15%
  • The swinish Springboks - the sods!

    3 9.09%
  • The bloody English, alas.

    7 21.21%
  • The mercurial French.

    5 15.15%
  1. #111
    Also bravo for the Pumas... who shown they now belong to the best teams of the Shoutern hemisphere.
    Just hope they'll make it in the Southern hemisphere nation champioship, and that the tri-nations becomes the "4-nations"
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  2. #112
    Good final, maybe not the best rugby ever seen but a very fitting end to the tournement.
    RSA got a most deserved win, it's been their Cup begining to end.
    England can hold their heads high, what a comeback 36-0 to the final!
    Agree about the Pumas it'll be interesting to see where they get in 4 years time.
    I will also be interested to see how the USA develops, I think there was real character shown in their game against England (Eng' on the other hand were awful).
    And thanks to France for hosting.
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  3. #113
    Well done Springboks. Both defences were very solid and aside from England's disallowed 'try' and SA earning that penalty close to the line at the end of the first half, neither side looked like threatening the line, but exciting stuff nonetheless. Like true champions SA were unbeaten through the tournament (RWC hasn't yet been won by a side that has lost a group match). And well done England for not giving up the crown easily - just don't revert to the habitual woeful underperforming against 'lesser' sides, please

    Great perfomance from the Pumas too - proves that first match was no fluke (and that SA didn't have an 'easy' path to the final).
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  4. #114
    What a party!!!
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  5. #115
    Well I'm three days late (and a world cup trophy short) but I have finally just watched teh final. I was $hitting myself for the first 60 minutes - such a hard-fought and tense game. England did very well to really push the Boks. The first 50 mins or so they were dominant but in that curious way of being dominant while simultaneously not-so-threatening.

    I'm pleased SA won as they have played well all year (Super14, Tri-Nations) and looked a good team in the RWC, too.

    Despite my real reluctance to praise the English rugby team (absolutely loved the country when I was there though) due to their style of play I have to say that their mental toughness, determination and their preparedness to take any points at any time are all things that my team, NZ, need to learn. This NZ team had some stunning talent and I thought they were mentally tougher under pressure than before but clearly I was wrong. I'm not even a huge fan compared to most in NZ but I was very disappointed this time around. Now the pressure goes on ten times as hard for the next RWC. If the AB's lose in the RWC in NZ I don't know f they'll get off the pitch alive.

    BTW, hope the French Gendarmerie shot that pitch invader. What a f uckwit.

    Congratulations Boks! Take a bow England, well played.
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  6. #116
    What do you call a Englishman with a World Cub Trophy?

    An engraver.
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  7. #117
    What do you call an NZer with the RWC trophy?
    A thief.
    A rarity.
    A defiance of karma.
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  8. #118
    The new All Blacks bra, all support and no cups!
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  9. #119

    2019 for south africa

    i hope this time south Africa will 2019 Rugby World Cup.
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