This seems completely useless as all it does is **** with the muscle memory of PK mains. Basically every hero in the game with a deflect has a different input for dodge attack and deflect available. This change is only going to mean that when you go for a deflect and input, it doesn't go through you are giving the enemy a free parry, since a GB will catch PK regardless of dodge attacking or not on heavy timing.

Honestly I have no idea why the Dev team is on this train of thought as it has no basis in other heroes or in improving PK or making her a more attractive choice. There was always a way to deflect and dodge attack in 1 dodge if you weren't confident. Just do both inputs.

The current PK deflect input is better, as doing the dodge attack early (off deflect timing), beats out GB but risks parry, and the empty dodge gives you advantage on people who wait instead of going for a GB. It creates a fun way where you get to balance risk and reward. Not just "oh time to die because the game forced me to dodge attack".