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    Agent Profile

    So, after recently getting back into The Division 2 after a long hiatus, I wanted to write a character profile for my agent. I took inspiration from the profiles of missing agents one can find in the first game and added a bit more information. I've been watching Hanna, a tv-series, and took some inspiration from there. I tried to make my agent's skills and the way she was recruited into the Division appear plausible when considering her age. Anyway, let me know what you think!

    Name: Asha Redfield.
    Callsign: Eidolon (from the Ancient Greek word εἴδωλον, meaning phantom or ghost).
    Age: 18.
    Date of birth: November 30, 1997.
    Nationality: American.
    Place of Birth: Providence, Rhode Island.
    Eye colour: Green.
    Hair colour: Auburn.
    Skin colour: Light.
    Occupation: Barista (formerly), Division Agent (currently).
    Blood Type: O-
    Religion: Agnostic.
    Affliliations: Strategic Homeland Division.

    Background & Psychological profile

    • Father was a former Green Beret who formed a cult-like survivalist community in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Appalachia shortly after her birth. The identity of her mother is unknown. Her father named her after the Zoroastrian concept of Asha.

    • Grew up in the wilds of Appalachia without the comforts of modern society and spent her entire childhood and early teens learning various martial arts, weapons, combat and survival techniques as well as battle tactics and the ability to adapt and learn on the fly. Her fanatic father believed himself to be raising the next generation’s soldiers.

    • Left the survivalist community at the age of fifteen. Lived in Morgantown, West Virginia where she was put into a foster family and found work as a barista in a coffee shop during the years before the outbreak.

    • Was assaulted by two men in an alleyway during her time in Morgantown, but fought them off with a knife she carried for self-defense. First responders pronounced one of the attackers to be clinically dead on arrival. The second later died in hospital. CCTV footage and the autopsy showed that the stab wounds she inflicted upon them were all precise and aimed at vital areas of the body, directly causing ultimately fatal wounds. Nevertheless, CCTV footage had also showed she initially tried to run away and escape and only resorted to direct violence when that failed. Charges were meant to be pressed against her, but the Division pegged her for future recruitment and pulled some strings; her actions were ultimately ruled to have been in self-defense.

    • Fled from Morgantown with the children of her foster family, as well as the family dogs, after the parents of the family were murdered when society fell apart after the outbreak of the Green Poison. Used and her prior training to keep the children, the dogs and herself alive until they came upon a Division-supported civilian settlement near Washington D.C.

    • Braved a hail of gunfire to pick up a fallen Division Agent's firearm during an attack on the settlement and helped the surviving Division Agents fight off the attack. As a result of this remarkable display of bravery and skill, and the fact that she was already known to the Division, she was recruited into the Division in-the-field by the senior Division Agent present to replace the recent Division K.I.A.

    • Believes in “offense is the best defense”.

    • Appears to enjoy fighting especially dangerous (in her own words, worthy) opponents honorably, such as in purely hand-to-hand combat. Has been known to challenge the hostile operators dubbed "Hunters" to such battles, which is how she received the facial scarring.

    • Does not have a good sense of self-preservation. Has a tendency to get into dangerous situations, but has managed to come out of each one alive.

    • Enjoys preparing coffee with latte art.

    • Believes in the Division’s mission to a fault.

    • Lacks a certain amount of empathy towards members of hostile factions.

    • Is dedicated to helping civilians and restoring order at any cost.

    • Tends to be quiet and not very verbal, but holds strong opinions and is not easily swayed.

    • Is somewhat spiritual and believes in destiny; has come to terms with the harshness of her childhood by embracing the need to restore order and the rule of law as the reason for the rigorous training her father put her through.

    Additional notes

    • Appears to be one of the 5% of the population that is genetically immune to the Green Poison.

    • Was sent to Washington D.C. to respond to a distress call when the SHD Network shut down.

    • Has shown a remarkable ability to adapt to new conditions and quickly learning the use of new technologies such as Division weapons and gadgets.

    • Has taken on an active, direct role in fighting the hostile factions in Washington D.C.

    • Has managed to take down a number of the hostile operators dubbed "Hunters".

    • Utilizes combat gear stolen from Black Tusk, with any and all Black Tusk insignia filed away, painted over or otherwise removed.

    • Is part of a squad with three other Division Agents. They tend to separate and perform solo operations while at the same time coordinating their individual missions so that they are where they are most needed as much as possible.

    Character theme song:
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    I updated the profile a bit!
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    Alice enjoying a well-deserved quiet moment of peace.

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    Also, I'd really appreciate people letting me know their thoughts about my Agent and the profile I wrote for her!
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