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    Headshots dont seem to activate Headhunter Talent

    Tested with pistol, occuring mostly with named bosses.

    Very annyoing!

    ill update this post soon with video and screenshot from the build i use.


    Her a video (at 1:43 i start shooting the boss)

    Here the images of the build i used:

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    Thanks for providing this feedback and supporting video clip, we will be sure to get this looked into. In the meantime could you confirm whether this is something that you have recently noticed in game or whether you have been experiencing this for a while.?
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    its definitly going on for a while but i didnt mind much it since i barely play builds that use that talent. also i played in a group with players who are on an asian server at this time (it was maybe 3-4 months ago) and im from germany so i thought thats the cause. but i made this pistol build recently and played solo a bit with it and saw this bug occuring again and sadfully very often.
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