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    Special Ammo and Loot Trucks


    I'm pretty sure you already know about the problem looting the LMG, rocket launcher, and flame thrower from loot trucks (you cannot pick them up). Is that bug ever going to be fixed like it seemingly was for New Dawn?

    The second bug I'm experiencing is related to special ammo. To replicate:

    1. Buy special ammo until you're full.
    2. Take out any weapon that uses special ammo.
    3. Switch ammo type to a special ammo type and you will automatically reload your gun with that ammo.
    4. Go back into a vendor screen and you can purchase more special weapon ammo.
    5. When you fast travel anywhere, you will lose all of the special ammo you bought beyond the standard amount you started with after step 1, above.

    Are these known issues?

    Thank you,

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    Here's a video of the special ammo glitch:

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    Ubi-Litten's Avatar Ubisoft Support Staff
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    Hi there, thanks for providing this feedback and the video footage showing how this occurs in your game. If possible could you confirm whether this is a recent issue or something you have noticed previously.? While we would not be able to provide any specific workaround steps at this time, please keep an eye on our official website along with these forums and social media outlets for any further news and updates in the future.
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    I can't say for certain when it's happened. The loot truck bug has been around forever. The special ammo glitch has been around for at least a year, but before that I'm not sure.
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    Thanks for the extra information heyscot. I've passed this information onto the team.
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