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    need help with killing 4 hunters at once

    just need some help as i have died twice and it is annoying having to keep doing all the stuff to get them to spawn
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    If you are talking about TD1, you shouldn't get that many solo except maybe in Resistance. In the underground, you'll always get one more than the number of players in your group. Solo, you get 2. With 4, you'll get 5 hunters. In Survival, you'll only get a single hunter unless other players crash the extraction area. The commonality between all these modes is that the hunters have a one-hit melee that will kill you every time. With the exception of running a D3 or a 9k+ stamina build, keep your distance is the key. Other than that, if/when possible, make them come down a "kill chute" to get to you. One with only one way in works best.

    Let us know which game mode you are playing so maybe we can help with more specific information.

    If you are referring to The Division 2, that forum is here: https://forums.ubisoft.com/forumdisp...The-Division-2
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