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    PS4 to PS5 Cross-save not working for AC Valhalla, please help!


    I have done everything that's been advised on the internet regarding this and for some reason it won't work. I have a save file with over 60 hours in on my PS4 version and can't get the save to show on the PS5 version...

    I finally received my PS5 yesterday. Uploaded PS4 saves into PSN Cloud storage as advised and downloaded it into the PS5. Even in-game my PSN is linked to my Ubisoft connect account but for some reason, the PS4 save does not show up in the PS5 version. The Ubisoft connect cloud sync doesn't work either as none of the save files are showing the cloud icon beneath.

    Would really appreciate some help as I've put lot of time into my PS4 save and would like to continue the same play through. Thanks in advance!
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    Hiya Zionaire! I just reached out to your thread here, so I will be closing this one so we can discuss this further from there.
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