• Bug Fixes
  • Fixed spacing issue between numerical value and percentage symbol appearing under “Core Challenge Progression” section for several localizations.
  • Fixed timer inconsistency issues present between mobile app and desktop overlay.

  • Bug Fix
  • Replaced current auto play setting on videos with a thumbnail.

  • A section has been added to the Playstyle page’s playtime split feature to more clearly display existing descriptions and information.
  • Animated the sub-stats on playtime for Watch Dogs Legion and other games.
  • Added a visual focus to the main player stat on friend comparison to easily see where players are listed compared to their friends.
  • When comparing stats with a friend, a visual highlight has been added to display on the higher value.

  • Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where stats were disappearing while scrolling down on Immortals Fenyx Rising pages.
  • Fixed an issue where Phosphor’s Attack Godly Power stat for Immortals Fenyx Rising was not displaying on the Overview page as Favorite, even if the statistics were higher than others.