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Got to be honest, I am really getting fed up of gryphon, thought i would give him a few weeks like any new hero to get used to his moveset/fighting him, but he really is way to overpowered. His instant bash/kick side heavys that hit you no matter where you dodge, cant get a hit in to interupt his chain, and along with the CCU update attacks are near impossible to parry/block unless he spams side heavys. Would like to see him nerfed too tbh.
It's actually a good thing that his chain can't be stuffed. Would put a very big dent in his mix up's viability if you could. And you can actually dodge his heavy finishers pretty consistently. They're pretty much a non threat if you have standard guard since you can dodge and block covering two directions at once. The other things sound like you either have a poor setup or poor reactions. Gryphon's Tier 2 and Tier 3 need numbers adjustments and his dodge attack needs to be addressed in some fashion because it (and kensei's) dodge attacks are capable of dodging all charge levels of charge bashes on level one bash timing. It also avoids being hit and feint to GB on this timing. You could argue to lower his heavy finishers damage a tinsy bit. But it's not really neccessary.

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Gaser is just a white knight for For Honor.
White knights are incapable of criticizing the thing they're supposed to be defending let alone hear it from others. Gaser has not agreed with the devs on more than one occasion and has his complaints with Gryphon that he mentioned in this thread. If you're going to try and insult Gaser at least say something that's actually applicable.