So, The "Get 20% discount with 100 units" promo needs to be better communicated. I saw the promo posted everywhere on Ubisoft Connect and thought "Cool, I could use that". It then shows how you can get points and I thought to myself "Oh yea, I know how the points work" and missed the final point where it mentions exclusions. It would be nice if the exclusions was a bit more visible because that "Get my Promo Code" button greatly overshadows that tiny stipulation. It would be nice if the exclusions were also mentioned in the code page and more importantly, the cart. It took the code without complaining so I thought everything was good. Nope.

I also had I chat with support and something they told me was very concerning.

Ubi-Witchme (1/23/2021, 11:24:31 PM): This isn't an issue they handle, as it's not the first time we've seen it we know how to handle this. I am sorry I don't have a fix for you.
Me (1/23/2021, 11:25:13 PM): If multiple people are complaining about not seeing a stipulation. Ubisoft has a major problem

So apparently, I am not the only one getting caught by that.