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    Ubisoft Connect Screensaver Auto enabled, and no way to disable it

    I have for the first time captured some screenshot using ubisoft connect, and after that these screenshot are shown to me as a screensaver when my computer idles for 'some' time

    I cannot figure out how i disable this?
    Also why do you presume i want this without asking me?

    I have looked trough all settings in ubisoft coonnect and none is about screensavers, i have checked windows screensaver and nothing is set up there?
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    This may be a Windows related setting. When your lock screen is set to Sldieshow, by default this setting will use all files found in the Pictures folder including subfolders. Since this is where Ubisoft Connect screenshots are saved, this is why they are showing up.

    You could either change where screenshots are saved in Ubisoft Connect. Or change your lock screen to a static image or point the Slideshow album folder to a different location in Windows Personalize settings.
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