Due to thee fact that I hear most players struggle against Highlander damage and mixups he is a little unbalanced so
Highlander needs a little rework/nerf and here is what I suggested:

* Light attacks Have No longer Hyper Armor due to it being the fastest lights in the game.

Make him a little faster in 4v4s and

* Heavy damage is reduced to 30damage to 24 or 25 damage since he can kill easily.

Improve his zone attack, light animations, and have him have a longer time to recover after certain attacks to make it more realistic.

Lower Crush-counter 20dam to 10 or 12damage since it is spammable and can be chained.

I just want to justify that he is a fast hard hitter and I didn't like the fact people just spam lights and crush-counter all the time.
Also can you make his lights do like 9 damage his lights are way to fast to react too.

I didn't even suggest this my friends and the youtube comments ask for this for a long time.