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    More Flow


    I'd like to start by saying I have encountered some very impressive skill's and what I meen by skill's is larger to full kit style's. When I win a round like this the enemy starts with the Mastered light spam strat. Spam is not the problem but... Hear me out... When it disable's my Flow ability to start combo's that is a problem.


    when the light spam comes out alot of hero's like Shaolin dont have many option's.

    Option 1: Stay stationary go for a parry then guaranteed combo starter. Very diffacult to parry with light spam in grill on last gen. I could'nt tell you bout next gen but hope its easier. Or do infinite chains that are more than likely going to be parried b4 you can input Qi Stance mixed with zone attacks here and there.

    Option 2: Dodge or Dodge Attack with the 1 heavy that does'nt lead to Qi or anything else. Then get a GB into combo after they throw their combo ender with just dodging (small window in their recovery after their light combo ender.)

    Option 3: Deflect into infinate chain combo starter this can go into Qi, Lots of full kit options but very diffacult to catch deflect's on last gen.

    Option 4: Be a noob an try to spam light's lol Good luck.

    This all gives spam the upper hand if there were better flow to enter combo's against spammers for all hero's it wouldnt be a problem then. Sombody out there gotta feel me.

    There need's to be an option to go into Qi stance From his heavy dodge attack. This will even the odds on spam that doesnt have Hyper Armor
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    I allways just felt like shaolin should just enter into qi stance much faster.
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