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    Unfair principle

    So a lot of option are available only to a little portion of hero while others are have to deal with different law that make their world totaly different when they fight...

    Like ... the principle that only some bigger heroes can kick or push an opponent on revenge (gryphon ,highlander etc) while other weaker heroe push/kick have absolutely no effect on a ennemy on revenge mode (shaman , shinobi etc)

    And the way GEAR feats are made... all super usefull except for assassin...

    In fact assassin's are allways last...

    I could make a list as long as my arm of all the difference in between assassin's and others class in favor of other class...

    That's favoritism !
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    You just have to accept it for what this game is. It's an unbalanced mess that has like 1 guy working on it.
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    Bashes are resisted in revenge if the hero in revenge is performing an action. If the hero in revenge is not performing an action, or is in a momentary stun (like from a counterguardbreak or from a parry), the bash will stagger them. In that, there is absolutely no difference between bashes, a Shaman will stagger them just as well a Gryphon would. And it is true backwards, I have killed a Gryphon yesterday when he kicked me during my heavy, and it did absolutely nothing, my heavy went through and killed him.

    The game is unfair, but please, do not spread misinformation, because it will make it look like just hysteria, not a serious complaint.
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