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    Ubisoft, you already made these awesome armor ideas yourselves. Now release them!


    As we all know, in 2015 Ubisoft released this trailer. It was what they had invisioned how the game would turn out, yet we all know what the end result would be.

    BUT, they got these sick looking armours for the characters, especially the VIkings! Look at that fully clother raider for instance! Jeeeesus christ!

    Come on Ubi!!
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    This version of the game never happened, because of the hardware limitations of the Xbox One and the PS4.

    Now, that the next-gen consoles are out this entire thing (the trailer) and every concept in it should turn into For Honor 2. That is my hope and my wish. It's probably not going to happen for quite some time if at all, but one can always hope.
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    Additional note: In the trailer Warden actually has a long sword instead of a metal baseball bat
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    Don't be confused, not talking about the gameplay but rather the armours haha
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