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    ! Dear Developer... very important...

    i have had many fun with Far Cry 4, especially with the Game Editor and i played my Maps online + offline from the Main Game.

    That was the Reason why i bought now Far Cry 5, but i am very disappointed now, because i can´t play my Maps from Main Game offline in Far Cry 5,
    only from the Editor in Window Mode.

    For next Update please make own Maps playable from Main Game online and offline like in Far Cry 4, thank you very much !!!

    PS: this is for me the Reason i will never buy Far Cry 6. ... and sorry for my English ^^
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    solution to your far cry problem

    Had the same issue at some point playing the game on a far cry as I liked it the most but suddenly my mind shifted from this game to the daily jumble version of word games. I suggest you should also join there. You'll enjoy it.
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    Far Cry 4 vs Far Cry5 Functions .

    I had the same problem at one point when I was playing the game on a far cry because it was my favorite, but my thoughts abruptly went from it to the daily jumble version of word games. I recommend that you join as well. You'll have a good time.
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