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    Where I'm leaving the game at --

    Haven't opened the game in a few days, after accepting they gave up. Sometimes you just have to accept it. (It's known resolution bug combined with S20 FE's lack of resolution change helped convince me as well).

    Maybe I'll come back and poke at it over time, but I'm fairly comfortable with my rankings. I'm leaving at:

    Overall rank: 284
    Donkey rank: 151
    Crazy rank: 333 (I really should play those for fun ...)
    Diamonds: 2819 (after buying outfits up)
    Gold: 47,475,778

    Best track time: Moonlight Towers, rank 617 out of 15,018,829.
    Donkey best: The Aqueduct, rank 661 out of 3,278,505
    Crazy best: Underground Slopes, rank 461 out of 64,847

    Anyone else leaving on a high note?
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    I am leaving on a similar note as you mate. Been a good ride.

    Overall Rank: 140
    Donkey: 181
    Crazy: 182

    Best Track times
    Normal: Three Bridges - 787 out of 25,869,238
    Donkey: Urban Jungle - 1900 out of 3,389,142
    Crazy: Market Street - 689 out of 192,197

    I have about 2 mil in coins, close to 3.5k diamonds and 1700+ Golden Tickets.
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    I left in middle december, few days after last pvp season started:
    - overall rank 65,
    - donkey rank 18,
    - crazy score 0, rank <12000 (barely played it),
    - legend 39x,
    - Resources
    Coins: 46,328,572
    Diamonds: 2,116
    Tickets: 2,083
    Chips: 207,087
    Missions: 416

    Best track times:
    Normal: Urban Sprawl - 18.193 - rank 5
    Donkey: Wrecked Tracks - 19.605 - rank 6
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    Overall rank: 58
    Donkey rank: n/a (I mostly only played Donkey on bunker match-ups)

    Proudest achievement: I have a platinum medal for every track.

    Reverse achievement: My *lowest* rank on a track is #367 on Burning Bushes.

    Pseudo-achievement: Never spent a cent on the game. I would have paid money if they had made the progression more reasonable. Instead, they created artificially and insultingly high requirements for gold, gems, etc. Case in point: I remember an offer that was like 8 blueprint pieces for $19.99, and the bike needed like 30 pieces in total. Absolutely insane.
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    Could not agree more. Who are the biggest ****-*****? The developers who now just see games as perpetual cash cows or the muppets who perpetuate this ******** by paying for blueprints, coins, gems etc? Dead heat as far as I'm concerned.
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