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    I just purchased Ubisoft plus a few hours ago and was using it fine when it all the sudden kicked me out of my game. It said my subscription has been cancelled but my money is gone. Do I not get it back?
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    Same thing just happened to me. I paid 14,99€. Subscription works for a few hours and then nothing. Now they charged me again 14.99€. I contacted support but no response. Ubisoft are scammers, never buying their games again.

    edit: I recommend delete all your payment methoid info, or they just keep you charging money for nothing.
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    Hey IKOZ3 and scy7hianCZ! I am sorry that you both have not been able to access Ubisoft+! Please check out our site here while reviewing your payment information and ensuring it is set to default. Also, make sure that your country/region match on all of the following, and that you have a VPN disabled if using one.

    - your Ubisoft account
    - your current location
    - your payment method

    If you were charged twice, please refer to our site here for more information on the temporary authorization hold. Additionally, please note that if you were charged but cannot access your Subscription, you should receive a refund within 7-10 business days.

    However, if the above steps and sites do not assist with resolving this for you, please create a support ticket here so one of our agents can look further into this with you.
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