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    No ubisoft plus after windows re-install

    Had pluss for less than a day. windows died. no pluss or any sign of ever haaviong it now.

    i have statement, not good ubisoft. no suport responce either.... either full refund or some kind of compo required...;/
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    Hey babydabes2020! I am sorry to hear that you had to re-install Windows and now cannot access Ubisoft+! Thank you for contacting us. Your Subscription information would be saved on our end, so re-installing Windows should not have gotten rid of your Subscription. Did you receive any notification about your Subscription being suspended? Additionally, it sounds like the Subscription could potentially be under a different Ubisoft account, which is why you cannot access it through babydabes2020. You mentioned not receiving a response; have you created a support ticket? If so, I apologize for any delay in response you may receive during these busier times. However, please know that one of our agents should review your ticket and get back to you as soon as possible!
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