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    You know after seeing you fight Freeze I kind of doubt how good you say you are.

    It was eye opening though. Shows exactly why you have such a hard on for bashes. You can't deal with bash selects. Which I find humorous because you complain about GB selects in this post which would lead me to believe you know about them.

    Yet both are beaten by feint into light (gb selects being beaten by feint into heavy as well if someone is trying to do this while oos.). So assuming you know how to deal with gb selects how are you struggling to deal with bash selects?

    Ive not interest in commenting on the rest of this post. I'm genuinely curious about this.
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    Originally Posted by I4mTheUnderGod Go to original post
    This is anothe problem x platform ive block playing with ppl outside xbox but ppl use xbox app on pc and im forced to be their prey... This is far to unfair.
    Using the xbox app on PC still requires the game to play through the xbox. The app just allows you to use your pc monitor as your screen. That's it.

    Anyone using the xbox app to play for honor on their pc is still running xbox specs, so either 30 or 60 fps (depends if you have a next gen xbox) and the input latency still comes from the xbox, so again, there is no difference.
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