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    Link my Ubisoft account to a new PSN account


    I am currently having the problem of being unable to link my uplay account with my new PSN account, and all it says every time I try linking is:

    We’re sorry, you can’t link your Ubisoft account to this account. You need to re-associate it with the account you originally linked to: Kevinlee199842.

    HOWEVER, I have already unlinked my Ubisoft account from this playstation account, and I have forgotten the email to my old playstation account.

    So, could someone please support me with this issue? Thank you! I just want to be able to link my Ubisoft account to this new playstation account (New PSN Username is: Yalkevin98).
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    Help Me

    Hello can someone help me, I have my account linked on twitch, I get the items from the twitch drop, I always watch the live but I never get the rewards that the live gives the amulet, and when I go to see loot of this message

    "An error has occurred while enabling rewards. Please contact Customer Support"
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