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    The Division 2 suffer cheats

    Does the division 2 suffer the same problem with cheats
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    I think you are right. But I am not sure about it.
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    moesuvious's Avatar Senior Member
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    Yes, plenty of cheaters in TD2. They simply dont care about cheaters in this game, been that way since day 1.
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    Bambihunter71's Avatar Member
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    Yep. Plus, in my opinion anyway, it isn't as fun regardless.
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    D2 suffer coz of lack cheaters..d2 barely have any players and there are the same cheaters that dont fight each others..they are boring and they makes DZ boring..they should ban boring cheaters
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    The whole game has become boring. DZ is no fun with only cheaters playing in it.
    The same with Warzone. Only cheaters.

    Anyone knows of a good pop game?
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