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    NETGaming is looking for active casual members.


    Was started in 2008 as a Madden league and moved on to World of Tanks and Warships where is still moves on today.

    Now after being involved with a major Clan I decided to part ways and do my own thing.

    We are looking for Casual people that don't stress about what the game doesn't offer but focus' on what it does have to offer, the community of people that play it.

    We don't judge by what you can do with the keyboard we focus on who's behind it.

    Looking for people to play with?
    Have a few friends that play and want Clan Rewards?
    Just want to Chill and enjoy a good relaxing game?
    Tied of playing alone or with people that just blow through the missions without enjoying them?
    Like to spend time assessing the mission, snipe through it or just seeker mine it?

    We might just be what you need.

    Reach out to me in game on Ubi or Discord Eraycer#1714
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    Welcome Dragon_Night15 to the group.
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    Welcome Lunchmeat to the NET Community.
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    Welcome Boudrea_
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    Sounds like fun. I'm looking for people who enjoy running around doing CP4s (I can do them solo but its much more fun when theres tons of enemies on screen, militia, and teammates blowing stuff up).

    Ubi is SlipAngle3.
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    Already working up through the Clan cashes, 7 active members and growing.
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    Welcome MoJolCoLoSSaL to the group.
    Along with Trunc8edObelisk.
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    Still building each week, currently 10 members and a constant fight to top Clan Exp earner.
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    Still growing, stop in and see how we fit.
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    Hop into to be part of a startup group, were growing each week.
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