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    Anno 1800 Complete purchased. Portraits not available.

    I purchased Anno 1800 Complete yesterday, but the DLC portraits are unavailable. I clicked on them and brings to to Club Shop, which I have all the items there (including all 7 characters) green check mark and message that it is available to be accessed in the game.

    Yet it all shows up as locked.

    I verified the files, did not help.

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    Its a known bug. Actually if you read the forum, every third post or so is about this. There is a workaround for it if you search a bit which involves downloading the old uplay client, then starting a game and then updateing to connect again or you can wait for the next Anno patch because the devs said they would fix it with the next patch.
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    Oh I found the solution and it worked. thx
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    Originally Posted by jeretzel Go to original post
    Oh I found the solution and it worked. thx
    Great to hear that this is now resolved for you.

    If there is anything we can help with in the future just let us know
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