Hello everyone! My name is Samuel, I'm 24 years and I'm launching my youtube channel with for the moment just 2 personal best replay of TOTD

I hope you like it!

At the moment I don't have a very precise objective but I love the new trackmania, I've been playing the game since 2008 and I have about 600 hours of play on Stadium 2.

I'm a Swiss player and I come from Geneva, I'm looking to create a fun community around several activities with people from my region or other who speak French preferably. I had the idea to create a small map pack for beginners so that everyone can participate, maybe we can use it for a cup. I also intend to do some streaming but for that I need ideas and that's why I'm calling on you!

I have created a Club that you can already join if you want which is : SwissZer Club

Thank you for reading me and drive carefully!

VertDause By Flaixy_

Going Deeper by r_teroor