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    Explain Ubisoft Connect To Me

    As a gaming company, ubisoft decided to launch a platform, whose customer-keeping features won't support perhaps 90% of their games......

    How is this an upgrade to you ubisoft?
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    Waiting for the useless global Ubi message to appear
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    Why must I connect to play a single player campaign? The game wouldn't start because it couldn't connect! Ubisoft please stop this nonsense. Let me just play.
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    I never bothered with Ubisoft Connect, simply because I just didn't get it.

    They got Ubisoft + which I do get, & yet I still don't use it.
    Why? Because if my experience with the Service is already low, I don't think throwing money at it will make things better.

    Sony said it worked for X-Box & Microsoft, so why wouldn't it work for Sony?
    Maybe because Sony is not Microsoft?

    Now Ubisoft is trying the same thing with Ubisoft + & again I get it.

    I just don't get Ubisoft Connect, & if my experience is already low, I don't expect Ubisoft + will make it any better.
    So I just do things straight from the Client.

    So I spend more on a Game? At least if it ends up being bad, I can stop my Funding & still play what I already got.
    If I stop funding Ubisoft + I loose everything. That to me is loss of money spent.

    Ubisoft Connect = Don't Get The Point Or What This Is
    Ubisoft + = Is Pointless If The Experience Is Not Improved

    After A Trailer Of Ubisoft Connect = The Trailer Tells Me It's just a Copy of the Ubisoft Client
    Ummm? Sooo? What Is The Point Of It Again?

    My guess why not every Game is Connected to Ubisoft Connect is that the reason is that
    Ubisoft Connect only works with Games that share Data & Gameplay between all Platforms.
    Any Game that does not share this, is not Connected To Ubisoft Connect.
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    Ubisoft Connect is the ecosystem of players services for all Ubisoft games across all platforms. It is the unification and improvement of Ubisoft Club, our loyalty program, and Uplay, our Desktop App, across all platforms. It aims at giving the best environment for all players to enjoy their games and connect with each others whatever the device. It is a free service which has a number of benefits including: a loyalty system, a friends network and cross-platform features.

    Ubisoft+ is a game subscription service, allowing you to access over 100 Ubisoft PC games for $14.99/month.

    If there's anything else about either service that you don't get, please let know and I may be able to clear it up for you.

    You also mentioned some improvements to Ubisoft+, what would you like to see?

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    Originally Posted by Ubi-Kay Go to original post
    Ubisoft+ is a game subscription service, allowing you to access over 100 Ubisoft PC games for $14.99/month.
    Yeah... in selected countries.
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