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    PS4 – Bass Guitar – E-string pickup issues

    Hi guys,

    I'm learning Bass Guitar in Rocksmith 2014 and while playing, sometimes the e string is not picking up. I thought it was a problem with my guitar and went to get it checked. They fixed something on the volume knob, replaced it and I thought the problem is solved. However, the issue with picking up the string fret still remains.

    I can tune the strings - even there you can see how sometimes the recognition of the tune jumps in and out - it seems inconsistent.
    Then when playing, no matter how I play the string, sometimes it's working and then it doesn't. Playing the string slightly touch or hard pull doesn't matter - just randomly working with different settings of volume, position, or string-pulling intensity.

    I can't progress my learning with this, as it gets frustrating how I'm good through the first part of the song or lesson, and then it keeps 'missing' my tunes, even though I'm playing them exactly the same as before when it got picked up.

    I'm happy to share a screen recording if that helps?

    Happy for all suggestions - thank you for your help and advice! Cheers
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    raise the pickup on the E-side so its closer to the string by turning the screw.

    calibrate the guitar again and dont play so hard. That will cause the game to add some gain.

    load up the in-game mini tuner and then play fret 1, fret 5, fret 12, and fret 17. Do they register closish to the middle? If not you'll need adjust the bridge a bit.
    If the bar is on the right side of the circle (aka sharp), turn the screw clockwise on the bridge moving it further away
    Retune it to E and try frets 1, 5, 12, and 17 again.
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    Thanks for sharing, pedietz!

    Did these steps help you out, Evolverine? Or are you still having trouble getting your E string picked up by Rocksmith?
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