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    Achievement glitches

    Several achievement are not working properly for me:

    Squire & Wonderboy (for finishing and winning one tournament, respectively) initially unlocked for me, but upon starting up the app next time they had reverted to being locked. Furthermore, the completion of the tournament is not showing as counted for the Dark Knight achievement (for finishing five tournaments), making it impossible to achieve.

    This exact same problem has occurred for me with the Fanboy and Entourage achievements (for sharing 1 and 5 fan unlocks, respectively). Additionally, since I only have five fans left to unlock, if this issue is not resolved, I will no longer be able to gain the Entourage achievement.
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    Thanks for your message, nejat_sari ! I'm gonna report these problems to the production team.
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    Can someone provide me details on system issues you foresee while you install a printer, any external software to be downloaded?123Hp printer setup
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